Adison Partners

Uncommon Talent

At Adison Partners, we know what uncommon talent looks like.

As technological, social and cultural trends impact the global enterprise, organizations are seeking a new kind of talent that is a better fit for the future. “Uncommon talent” is a term used to describe high-value individuals with unique, innovative skills that transcend industries.

Uncommon talent includes innovative and original thinkers with an intellectual curiosity that constantly challenges the status quo.

These driven individuals demonstrate the propensity to continuously learn new things and apply these learnings to deftly adapt to business critical opportunities.

While other industry recruiters are focused on re-using the same, limited pool of candidates, we focus on the identification and conversion of fresh, top talent.

Our candidates embody a broad mix of characteristics including creativity and operational know-how, paired with deep, industry-agnostic business experience.

Our approach provides a new lens for identifying, converting, and placing talent to spark innovation, inspiration, and creativity in organizations on the brink of change.

Our mission is to identify, source and cultivate the uncommon talent that empowers your organization to expand its reach, broaden capabilities and reinvent business for a new era.

Disruptive Talent

It’s easy to assume that the people who create value for a business are classic high-performers and functional experts.

Yet in a business world teeming with new technologies, new ideas and new business models, there are new rules. At Adison Partners, we find business leaders who are curious, provocative and relentless in their pursuit of new opportunities.

When Disruptive Talent is Needed for a Corporation:

  • When generating revenue in new business areas that require substantially different talents, skillsets, and approaches
  • When critical organic growth demands a challenge to conventional wisdom, a focused intensity and an insatiable drive to innovate
  • When an organization is unable to spot new strategic opportunities, because their perspective is limited by legacy operations and outdated objectives

Disruptive Talent describes the brilliant individuals who think and act differently:

  • Innovators who dare to challenge conventional thinking, spot trends, and see new commercial opportunities.
  • Tenacious leaders always on the hunt to find new and enhanced ways for their businesses to operate.

At Adison we look to identify the disruptive talent who challenge the status quo by creating something new and different, working tenaciously to adapt to new business trends, and driving change from within.

Talent Pipeline

Our business model for providing a talent pipeline is also uncommon.

Many of our clients develop a recurring need for a distinct candidate profile based on their unique business models. When such a role is vacated or an internal promotion is imminent, launching a reactive search can cause unnecessary business delays.

Instead, Adison Partners has developed a strategy to identify the specifics of these unique profiles in advance, and on a monthly basis we present a slate of bulls-eye candidates.

This is called pipelining, and it enables clients to take a proactive approach to their hiring needs. Pipelining provides our clients with immediate access to handpicked, prequalified, top-tier talent in real time.

This model can be utilized to shore up executive bench strength, and it guarantees a constant flow of culture-specific, best-fit talent for high-turnover development roles. Importantly, pipelining also increases the readiness for potential successors to step into key, high level positions in order to future-proof the business.